Welcome to the domain of the Archaeological Anarchist. For my sins, I am a self-confessed Archaeologist, Blues-Rocker, Reformed Gamer Geek & Sci-fi/Fantasy nut. You can expect to find an eclectic mix of gaming, technology, culture, politics, history and rock n’ roll! While the pendulum may swing more one way than another from time to time, I do hope to provide a balance. That said, I can’t help the fact that archaeology and music will likely dominate this page. It is, after all, an archaeological blog by a part-time musician. It has been a slow burn thus far, but things are set to change, so watch this space, there is far more to come.  So bearing that in mind, brace yourself for impact, there will be a variety of blogs coming your way soon.  Now I’m onto my next adventure, starting my life over and seeing what exactly is around that second star to the right. You’re welcome to come along for the ride, or to simply be a voyeur staring in the passenger window. Either way, I hope you enjoy yourself.


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